Super Flower Blood Moon? Shmancy...

If you're an early riser, you will be able to catch an amazing view of the moon Wednesday morning (May 26th) just before sunrise. This moon is being called the "Super Flower Blood Moon," which sounds a little bit like something out of a video game.

This supermoon will be visible to everyone across the world. The full lunar eclipse, however, will only be visible in certain areas. Lucky for us, the western United States is included.

According to NASA, you will be able to see the supermoon from anywhere as long as the sky is clear. The lunar eclipse, or the part that turns the moon a blood-red color, will not be something that everyone gets the chance to see. People on the east coast will miss the full blood moon. (Reason #2,324,234 to not live on the east coast.)

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I will already be working the day away when the Super Flower Blood Moon makes its appearance, so I am excited at the prospect of seeing it. I usually miss out on events like this because I'm either sleeping or I'm too lazy to get off my couch and behold the mystery of the universe. I shall do better this time.

If you happen to miss the Wednesday eclipse, not to fear. You'll be able to see another one on November 18th, which isn't too far away. It won't be exactly like this one, as it will only be a partial eclipse, but it will be similar.

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