You may hear about shark attacks every now and then, but how often do you get to see one happen on live TV?

Professional surfer Mick Fanning was hanging out during a tournament in South Africa this weekend, waiting on the next big wave, when the worse possible thing that could have happened did happen.

A shark came out of nowhere and tried to eat poor Mr. Fanning! Luckily he knew what to do.

According to reports, the shark actually got caught up in Fanning's leash, which slowed it down enough that it didn't get the chance to cause too much damage. Plus, Fanning managed to punch the beast in its back, which managed to effectively scare it away.

He was soon picked up by officials and the rest of the tournament was canceled shortly after.

Add the fact that the whole incident was caught on live TV and you have a viral video in the making. Check it out above.

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