UFO Spotting Over Texas?
It's been a busy few months for UFO spottings in the great skies over the Lone Star state, and now another UFO spotter is claiming to have seen an unidentified craft over Texas, this time in San Antonio.
Slim Whitman’s Music Kills Aliens! [VIDEO]
Country singer Slim Whitman passed away yesterday from heart failure. His most recognizable song was the 1952 hit "Indian Love Call", which features some pretty incredible yodeling. It was also the song they played in "Mars Attacks!" to kill the aliens.
Is This Really a Photo of an Alien in the Woods in Texas?
Maybe we're just hypersensitive to this sort of thing, but it seems like UFO reports have been pouring in lately. After the possible appearance of UFOs in Google Street View and in the skies over San Francisco and Brooklyn, a man claims to have snapped a photographed of a "Grey" alien in the woods of Texas.
Does This Footage Show Flying Saucers Over Denver?
Last week, a guy in Denver went to the local news with a video he CLAIMED showed UFOs flying around in broad daylight over the city. They were just tiny specs though, so producers sent a cameraman out to see if HE could get them on camera...and he DID.
Air Force Releases Declassified Flying Saucer Plans
The truth is out there! Well, sort of. The 'X-Files' gang were partially right: the National Archives recently published declassified "flying saucer" schematics and the details of the project, dubbed "Project 1974" that hailed from the 1950s.

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