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Diggs and Mahomes Square Off for the First Time Since 2014
You might be asking yourself, "Who is Quandre Diggs?" and that's a perfectly acceptable question. He's a defensive back for the Detroit Lions and is a former Longhorn. Why do we care?
Well, Patrick Mahomes and Quandre Diggs will meet each other on the field for the first t…
Lubbock High and Texas Tech Football Legend Dies at 81
Holub started his career at Lubbock High before becoming a two-way star at Texas Tech from 1958-60. The Beast was a two-time All-American as a center and was Texas Tech's first Consensus All-American and the first Texas Tech player to earn All-Conference first team honors too...
Two Former Red Raiders Lead the NFL in Jersey Sales
I guess this won't be a surprise to anyone, but Patrick Mahomes is in the top three in jersey sales for the 2019 preseason.
Now, Mahomes may not be a surprise, but the only man in front of him is a bit of a head-scratcher: Former Texas Tech and Oklahoma QB, Baker Mayfield...

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