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English Cliff Crumbles Into Ocean [VIDEO]
The coastal region of southwest England has been battered by storms lately and this stunning video captures its more drastic effects when the entire face of a cliff in Cornwall crumbles into the sea.
Check it out below:
Go on a 5,000-Mile Hitchhiking Trip in Three Minutes [VIDEO]
You’re bound to meet a few interesting people when you take a year-long hitchhiking trip across the country.
Artist, traveler and self-proclaimed ‘lover of people’ Benjamin Jenks met exactly 930 when he and his raised thumb journeyed 5,000 miles from Los Angeles to Maine. Artist that he is, Ben put t…
A Dog and a Tiger Are Best Friends [VIDEO]
This sounds like a Disney movie. There's a new video online of a dog playing and roughhousing with a cat. And when I say "cat," I mean a FULL-GROWN TIGER. According to the video post, they've been around each other since they were both nine weeks old, and now they're insepar…

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