Update: According to The Dallas Morning News, the crash on Interstate 35-West early Thursday morning near downtown Fort Worth injured dozens of people and killed at least six.

The outlet reported that the final tally of vehicles involved in the massive pileup, which spanned half a mile, stands at 133.

A video captured by Edgar Valzco Moncada showed the aftermath of the 133-vehicle pileup. The sheer amount of destruction is tough to wrap your head around:

Original story: A terrifying video posted earlier Thursday morning (February 11th, 2021) of a pileup accident on a highway in Fort Worth, Texas is causing a massive stir on the internet and has been now been shared thousands of times.

The video is from the perspective of a driver on the opposite side of the highway, helpless to do anything to stop what they are filming. There must have been a massive patch of ice on the highway and drivers could not slow down. The clip shows car after car, unable to avoid the accident as the drivers clearly step on their brakes. You can see brake lights flash as they slam into semi-trucks and others vehicles stuck in the mess.

At one point, a semi-truck smashes into a white pickup and sends it flying through the air, bursting into pieces.

I watched the video with my mouth hanging open, completely stunned at how terrible the pileup really was. I've never seen footage of a pileup this bad before, and I know that there are likely many injuries, if not casualties.

The video was posted publicly by Facebook user Edgar Velazco Moncado. I would advise against watching this video if you think it could trigger you. It will stick with me, and it's not for the faint of heart, so do not proceed if you think it will cause you mental distress.

Again, please slow down, guys, and watch out for one another. Understand all of the things that can go wrong and help out your fellow man by staying home and avoiding the ice if possible.


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