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On the morning of Monday, May 11th, many Lubbock residents were surprised by the sound and sight of a squadron of fighter jets flying around the city.

Witnesses that spotted, or heard about, the group of F-16 aircraft circling over the city who wee not aware of the purpose of the flyover, can take comfort in knowing that it was not a military drill, exercise, or response to any threat. Instead, it was one of the most American ways in which to be honored if you're a Texan.

The Monday morning flyover was conducted to show support for the men, women, and hospitals that comprise our medical community.

The flyover was certainly special because of the purpose for which it was done and may have appeared to be similar to previous flyovers of Lubbock. However, this flyover was extra special because of the squadron that was in the air and a connection the squadron has with Lubbock.

The flyover was completed by pilots from the Lone Star Gunfighters, the 149th Fighter Wing, a unit of the Texas Air National Guard which is at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas.

F16 flyover in Lubbock, Texas
Paul Roberts

A Lone Star Gunfighter for 14 years, Colonel Larry Warmoth is a Lubbock physician who plans to retire from the guard in December. Having cared for patients at UMC and Covenant Health, Dr. Warmoth wanted to do something special for the hospitals, along with other medical workers.

The Lone Star Gunfighters who piloted the F-16 'Fighting Falcon,' a multi-role fighter aircraft referred to as 'The Viper,' during Monday's flyover were Kudo, Motown, Dirty, and Jaws.

According to the Lone Star Gunfighter website, "operating the world's leading swing-role fighter, manufactured in Texas, gives the slogan 'Built in Texas, flown by Texans' a special meaning."

Watch video captured by KCBD's Kase Wilbanks if you missed it.

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