Texas and California actually have a lot of things in common: Many people have lived in both states (like me!); delicious carne asada fries; a sizable coast line; and more. Now, they also share a favorite show on Netflix.

According to PCMag.com, both states love Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin is unlike many of the top shows in other states. It's not a Netflix original show like Orange is the New Black or Daredevil. It debuted on The CW, and is the story of a Catholic woman who is inadvertently inseminated despite her desire to refrain from having children (or sex) until she is married.

Despite having lived in both Cali and my beloved Texas, the state that shares the same favorite Netflix show as me is actually Oregon. We both really love Disenchanted.

To see the full map, head over to PCMag.com.

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