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A new type of license plate arrived on June 1st in Texas. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is now offering digital license plates but only to some type of drivers.

Texas is apparently working with a company named Reviver to offer digital license plates in the state. This technology and the plates behind it aren't available for drivers yet on the open roads.

As of right now, digital license plates are being offered to government and commercial fleet drivers. Both can purchase the digital license plate for an additional $95 annual fee. According to KXAN, these license plates will help with the movement of goods and services.

For eligible vehicles, an additional annual fee of $95 will be tacked onto digital license plate orders.

“Texans rely on commercial vehicles for the safe and efficient movement of goods and services that are crucial to supporting the state’s economy,” TxDMV Executive Director Daniel Avitia said in the release. “Offering digital license plates to commercial fleets is part of our ongoing commitment to streamline and modernize motor vehicle services.”

During the 86th legislative session, the Texas Legislature approved Senate Bill 604 which gave commercial and government fleet vehicles the ability to be equipped with a digital license plate. The vehicles can't be a passenger vehicle and must be operated or owned by a government entity or is part of a commercial fleet of vehicles. The Texas Department of Transportation along with Reviver began issuing the digital license plates on June 14th. It's not known yet how many have been issued or applied for in Texas.

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