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The gas prices in Texas have continued to decline despite summer usually being a time when gas prices go up.

According to AAA Texas, the statewide gas price average, as of Aug. 6, 2020, is $1.85 for regular unleaded fuel. That price is 4 cents less than it was the week before, although drivers in El Paso are seeing a higher price of $2.06 on average.

The statewide price of $1.85 is more than 44 cents less than the current national average of $2.18, with drivers in California seeing the highest price of $3.18.

Drivers in Lubbock are also seeing lower gas prices. The current local average is $1.78, 2 cents less than the week prior. According to, some local gas stations have prices as low as $1.43.

During the same time period in 2019, gas prices averaged $2.38 in Lubbock, which means this year gas is roughly 60 cents cheaper at an average price of $1.78. Lubbock currently has the 5th lowest average gas price among Texas cities.

Read more about the low gas prices from AAA Texas:

Texans are filling up with the least expensive gas since the end of June, according to The downward trend is likely to continue as gasoline demand dropped across the country week-over-week by about two percent and regional gas supplies increased by nearly one percent. The price of crude oil has been on the rise, but not significantly enough to drive current gas prices higher.

“Historically, gas prices in Texas tend to fluctuate during August, and drivers will likely see some fluctuation this month as well,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “However, prices likely won’t spike due to continued COVID-19 concerns and lower demand for gasoline.”


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