I think we have all probably seen the epic Hail Mary that was thrown this weekend, but another cool moment happened as well.

AT&T Stadium was packed this weekend for a lot of Texas high school football action. The moment everyone is talking about is North Shore's Hail Mary pass to win the game. Which was an awesome moment and deserves a lot of attention for being an epic way to win a state championship.

I just wanted to give attention to another moment in a different game. In the Class 5A Division II state championship game. Aledo was taking on Fort Bend Marshall and Aledo was dominating 55-19 in the game. On the last play, in a blow out, the crowd erupted. Why? Blaze Mayes was lining up at wide receiver. Blaze is diagnosed with down syndrome and always grew up wanting to play high school football here in Texas.

He does the offseason workouts, goes to every practice and is at every game. "He's truly a blessing to all of us as a friend and a teammate," junior Logan Michael said. "It's sometimes hard to say that he outworks all of us, because it's true."

Blaze lined up at wide receiver and you could tell he was ready to lay somebody out. His adrenaline was definitely pumping at that moment. Pretty cool moment that I am sure a lot of people missed this past weekend.

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