Debbie Riddle is a Republican in Texas's House of Representatives.  And she's proposed a new law that would get you up to TWO YEARS in jail and a $10,000 fine for intentionally or knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant.

EXCEPT…if you hire them to be your maid, housekeeper, or gardener.  (???)

Riddle and other state representatives say that illegal immigrants are THE number one issue that their constituents bring up to them.  They want something done about the huge influx from Mexico.

But as much as Texans are opposed to illegal immigrants…we're not opposed enough to stop paying them below minimum wage to work on their house.

Riddle says that if the law DIDN'T have an exception for maids and gardeners, quote, "a large segment of the Texas population [would end up] in prison."

Her chief of staff says her bill isn't targeting individuals, but is really focusing on big businesses that hire illegals.

Other immigration bills floating around in Texas include one that would add an 8% surcharge to any money wired from Texas to Latin America and one that would require cops to ask EVERYONE they pull over what their citizenship status is.

There's no word on when any of these could be put to a vote.