On January 31st I posted a list of the 6 worst "Texas" songs. A survey that was conducted by a Canadian company, mind you. Now some nitwits are upset about one of the songs on the list.

At the 4th "worst" song on the list was George Strait's "All My Exes Live In Texas". If you live in Texas you know that this amounts to blasphemy of our king of country. But you may also be one of the people who really doesn't care about a list of "Texas" songs in which half the songs weren't about Texas, or by Texans. Sir-Mix-A-Lot? Not Texan. Billy Ray Cyrus? Not Texan. And as far as Riff Raff or Ashlee Simpson are concerned, those weren't really "songs", just kind of slop on a CD.

As far as the "survey" goes, it was done randomly by 1,000 Texans, many of whom might have just moved here, might not like a particular kind of music, or might just like watching the world burn and are internet trolls of the highest order. In other words, don't take a Canadian PR company's informal "survey" of 1,000 random "Texans" personally. Because it was done just to get people talking about it on the internet, and what are you doing? Yep, they won.

Of course here I am commenting on it also. So pretty much ignore everybody on the internet because we all suck at life sometimes.


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