What's your most hated food? A vegetable? Something too bland? Something with a weird texture? Well, here in Texas, our collective most hated food is offensive to us.

There's a dating app called Hater, which matches folks up based on things they hate (I like to bond with people that way, too). And incidentally, this is a great way to aggregate data by state.

In Texas, we hate, loathe, and are appalled by...Steak Cooked Too Well Done. And we know what to do when someone asks for a well cooked steak:

Beef is a big industry here in Texas, and some of the best is raised by individual family ranches. It's a way of life and our collective heritage. So to cook a beautifully produced cut of meat into a chewy, tasteless oblivion is borderline culturally offensive.

If you're looking for a really good steak here in Lubbock that you promise to cook properly, let me suggest Texas Tech's Raider Red Meats, which funds scholarships for future AG science majors. Texas Tech is one of the winningest colleges of all time in meat production and quality judging competitions.

What foods do other states hate? California hates Chick-fil-A, and Florida hates licorice. Kansas hates chili peppers. Remind me to never, ever step foot in Kansas.

For the whole map, visit here.

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