File this under records that didn't need to be broken. A University of North Texas history professor in Denton, Andrew Torget, will attempt a 24 hour long Texas history presentation. And you can be there, or watch it online.

In the annals of the Guiness Book Of World Records, most of them these days are pointless and kind of stupid. From the most rotations while hanging from a power drill, to the most balloons popped with your back, there are lots of "world records" that are mostly made up because no one does those things, ever.

But presenting the world's longest Texas history lesson is at least commendable. And I'm sure it will be grueling and a bit of an endurance challenge, standing and talking for 24 hours straight.

Andrew says he'll start with the very beginning of Texas history and cavemen, and work his way to the present. All to raise awareness, and donations for, the UNT libraries.

The public is welcome to attend, if you happen to be in Denton August 24th at 9 AM, and have 24 hours to kill.

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