Baseball season is underway! Baseball stadiums are always looking to add to the fan experience. And The Ballpark In Arlington has an executive chef that knows Texas.

There are many food items on the menu depending on where in the stadium you're sitting. But I'm pretty sure these 3 new ones will be available all over.

The MVT, or Most Valuable Tamale. It is a tamale, with a 2 foot long Boomstick hot dog inside, topped with chili, cheese, and sour cream. 2 FEET!

There's a standard chili dog with Fritos, kimchi, chili, cilantro, and teriyake sauce.

But the one I'm a little disappointed by is the Texas Snowball. It starts off just fine, but finishes wrong. Its Texas brisket, which is fantastic by itself. But they roll the brisket into balls...then batter it in funnel cake batter and deep fry it. Still ok. Then they cover it in powdered sugar? Brisket in powdered sugar? I mean I'll try it, but why would you do that to perfectly good brisket?

So for all the Texas Rangers fans out there head to the big D and get some big food. Just remember to bring some back for us.

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