Normally an almost top 10 ranking is a good thing. But when it comes to National state rankings, Texas has had some high ranks, on some bad lists. This is another one.

This is the Fattest States In America List. One of the internet's favorite list websites, Wallethub, compiled certain factors like soda consumption, percent of obese and overweight population, health care costs, and other fat statistics. Thankfully when you look at the Fattest Cities report, Lubbock isn't even on it. But still our state did land at #11 of the fattest states, following behind the top 10 listed here.

1. Mississippi

2. West Virginia

3. Tennessee

4. Arkansas

5. Louisiana

6. Kentucky

7. Alabama

8. Oklahoma

9. South Carolina

10. Indiana

Interestingly enough, although not surprising at all, is that the top 10 fattest states are almost all southern states, except that stupid Indiana. How they beat us out of the top 10 I don't know, but I'm willing to bet that next year Texas will crack that top spot! We're number 11!

By the way if you're feeling fat, I think I'll be getting my personal trainer's license soon, and can help you lose that weight. Check back before Christmas, or actually after Christmas. I'd hate to ruin your fun holiday eating fest.

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