Texas Tech fans continue to be great. For the second-straight season, Texas Tech is officially sold out of baseball season tickets.

Sure, this still might be residue from the College World Series success, but it's good to know Tech fans are getting better at coming to live events. Especially since it seems to be the opposite at schools across the nation.

With the home systems and television contracts it's easier and easier to watch your favorite teams on TV instead of showing up, but Tech fans are bucking the trend and showing up anyways.

I know winning helps but it's still good to see the support the community has for Texas Tech.

This sellout means that 800 tickets will be available for individual games for the rest of the season. 900 seats are reserved per home game for the rowdy student section.

Texas Tech plays New Mexico at 2 pm today, March 3, 2016. They also have a 3 game series against Cal State Fullerton starting Friday the 4th at 6:30 pm. They also play on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: texastech.com