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Texas Tech Baseball's play-by-play guy Geoff Haxton was getting ready to drop an 'Adios Muchacho' call when Jace Jung stepped up to the plate. Jung is leading the NCAA in home runs with 15 after all. But that's not what happened on Friday night in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Jung stepped into the box and fouled a ball right back to the radio booth.

Haxton was unfazed.

The catch and the call are both so clean the video seems doctored in some way, but it's as real as can be. Absolutely no CGI went into the making of this video. All that went into it is an iron nerve and catlike reflexes from Haxton.

They often say championship clubs are great at every level. I'm not entirely sure which level of the Red Raiders baseball program Haxton is on, but if the guy in the booth is making that catch, I can assure you the players on the field can, too.

Coming out of the same series, Texas Tech had two Big 12 Pitchers of the Week in Patrick Monteverde and Mason Montgomery. Montgomery also got a national pitcher of the week honor from the same publication that gave Cal Conley a national hitter of the week honor after he hit a home run from both sides of the plate in the same game.

Now, the NCAA has awarded Haxton with the number one play of the week:

As a guy who has called a couple of baseball games, there's no chance I would have caught that foul ball one-handed and continued the call.

So, from broadcaster to broadcaster: well done, Geoff.

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