The Rob Breaux Show with Karson Robinson caught up on Monday, recapped the weekend and finally got to talk about Texas Tech's 38-3 victory over UTEP Saturday night.

You can listen to the full audio of the guys breaking down the game below, but here is the abridged version and game grades.


The offense didn't look bad, but it didn't look good for more than a few spurts. Alan Bowman was off, and not nearly as efficient as he was in week one. Overall, we just didn't see the kind of explosive offense we expected against UTEP.

Now, Texas Tech was in control the entire game, and if Bowman hits three of the passes he missed, the offense is probably a B+. The bottom line is, while C's might get degrees, they don't get Big 12 wins. And fewer than 6 yards per pass attempt isn't going to get a win against the Pac 12, either.


Look, you play who's on the schedule. Holding anybody to three points is an impressive feat, especially when this defense was lucky to hold schools of UTEP's potency to around 20 in years past. The defense did what we thought they would do. There were some third-down penalties and a penalty that negated a pick-six though, so we can't give the D a perfect grade. But it was dangerously close to the A range.


Texas Tech made all its FGs and PATs. No kicks out of bounds. Touchbacks. Overall, a solid day from the special teams and nothing to knock any points off the grade.

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