I know this post is going to make some people angry, but I believe this woman is faking it.

Let's travel over to Round Rock, Texas and see what's going on at the old H-E-B. They currently have a mask requirement in place in their store. Which means they have the right to refuse you service for not wearing one.

I've said this from the beginning, if you don't want to wear a mask, fine. However, if an establishment says you must wear one while on their property, you have to wear it, sorry. Sure, you can probably get into the place, doesn't mean they will serve you. That's what happened with this lady, she got to the checkout and they refused to check her out.

Woman records herself on Facebook live having a panic attack at HEB because they refused to check out her groceries for not wearing a mask from r/PublicFreakout

That is when she had a meltdown. She says she has a condition that prevents her from wearing a mask. She says she could be getting arrested and a customer harassed her. I'm not saying that didn't happen or that she doesn't have a medical condition. All of that is 100% possible, but here is why I said at the beginning that this woman is faking it.

Take a look at that shirt. "Shed the Mask", this woman I believe was looking for this kind of reaction. She was wanting her video to go viral and guess what, you won. You went viral. However, I'm not believing these tears for a second. I could be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time.

At the end of the day, wear a mask or don't. I don't care. If a private business refuses service because you decided not to wear one. Go somewhere else. Why would you want to give them your business anyway if they have a policy you don't agree with?

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