Our good friends at Alstrom Angels are doing their Beeping Easter Egg Hunt again for 2018. March 25th at 4ore! Golf on the Marsha Sharp Freeway. As always its open to all kids too.

Alstrom Angels started doing a beeping Easter egg hunt because of Cassie Johnston's daughter who lives with Astrom Syndrome which causes blindness in kids. So the beeping Easter egg hunt was born in Lubbock.

This annual event is open to all kids and families, and sighted kids get to experience what it can be like to lose their sight by hunting the eggs while wearing a blindfold. I took my kids the first year and its a lot of fun for everyone, it teaches your kids a valuable lesson, and it benefits a great cause. There's also bounce houses, face painting, and a petting zoo! And its all free.

Plus its Sunday March 25th which is a week before Easter Sunday so you can still have all of your normal family plans too. Check out the flyer or go to Alstrom Angels website for all the info.

Alstrom Angels
Alstrom Angels

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