Watch Bryce's story above and get to know Alstrom Syndrome (but know that this video is for an older event, not casino night.) Then get ready for a fun filled casino night benefiting a great Lubbock based charity, Alstrom Angels.

Saturday, October 14th is the Alstrom Angels Casino Night. It will be at the fabulous Reagor-Dykes Grand room in their posh downtown headquarters. Kind of a swanky night by Lubbock standards. Plus, it's a really affordable night and it goes to a great cause.

If you just want to go and have dinner its $50 per person. But the best deal is to do the $75 ticket which gets you dinner and $1,000 value of casino chips! You could gamble all night with that much pretend scratch in your pocket. Unless you suck at gambling, like me, then it could be lost in a single hand. But you'd still have the experience of a wonderful dinner in a great setting and knowing you're helping kids fight a horrible disease that steals their sight and hearing and so much more.

To get tickets or make a donation, or even sponsor the event, go to the registration page by clicking here. And learn more about Alstrom Angels, and all of their fun events like the Beepball Tournament and more, at their facebook page and website.

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