I have a BIG treat for you today.

It's a list of 'The Best Party Jams of the '80s' and it's even MORE awesome than it sounds, because it was created by Nick Feldman from Wang Chung, the group that brought us "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"...

If you only vaguely remember Wang Chung, Nick is the bassist...the guy with the curly brown hair. The singer, Jack Hues, was the blond dude.

Nick listed 21 of his favorite, non-Wang Chung '80s party jams for Diffuser.fm.  They don't seem to be in any specific order.  Here's his list:

  1. "Thriller"Michael Jackson  (1983)
  2. "Funkytown"Lipps Inc.  (1980)
  3. "You Shook Me All Night Long"AC/DC  (1980)
  4. "Rapper's Delight"The Sugarhill Gang  (1979)  (Technically, it was released four months BEFORE the '80s...but hey, close enough.)
  5. "Road to Nowhere"Talking Heads  (1985)
  6. "Celebration"Kool and the Gang  (1980)
  7. "Super Freak"Rick James  (1981)
  8. "Tainted Love"Soft Cell  (1981)
  9. "Rock the Casbah"The Clash  (1982)
  10. "1999"Prince  (1982)
  11. "I Feel for You"Chaka Khan  (1984)
  12. "Relax"Frankie Goes to Hollywood  (1983)
  13. "Walk Like an Egyptian"The Bangles  (1985)
  14. "Walk This Way"Run-DMC and Aerosmith  (1986)
  15. "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)"The Beastie Boys  (1987)
  16. "Love Shack"The B-52s  (1989)
  17. "Word Up!"Cameo  (1986)
  18. "Wild Thing"Tone Loc  (1988)
  19. "Let's Dance"David Bowie  (1983)
  20. "Into the Groove"Madonna  (1985)
  21. "Don't You Want Me"Human League  (1981)

Diffuser.fm has Nick's brief comments on each song, plus audio.

Wang Chung is currently on the road, promoting their new album "Tazer Up!", which came out in December.  You can groove to their single "Let's Get Along", here. Sadly, it's FAR from an '80s party jam.

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