Dana Carvey returned to his old stomping ground and hosted "SNL" on Saturday. It had it's funny moments, but it really wasn't all that great. I'm pretty disappointed every Sunday when I watch the SNL from the previous night on my DVR. It's just not that good anymore. Read more and see every skit that made me chuckle on the next page.

I had high hopes for this week since one of my favorite cast members from the past was hosting. Carvey is still a funny guy, but I think he requires his other former cast-mates to make the magic happen. John Lovitz helped with the monologue, so that was cool to see. Even though he seemed pretty nervous for some reason.

One of the bright spots was the return of "Church Lady".

Church Chat:

Wayne's World:

The monologue with an appearance by Jon Lovitz:

"Teen Crisis Hotline" skit featuring Alan Alda, Eddie Murphy and Mickey Rooney: