I made my first trip to the Fair grounds today and I just couldn't pass up a delicious, crunchy corn dog from the guys at Church on the Rock.

The first thing I noticed when I got to the fairgrounds was that they've added a new 'facade'. New fence, new tickets booths...everything. That was nice to see.

Anyway, I then made my first stop at the Ambucs restaurant for the BEST hamburger at the fair. (It really is the best, by the way.) I didn't eat the fries that came with my meal because I KNEW I had to save room for a foot-long corn dog from Church on the Rock.

It was as wonderful as I had dreamed! I wound up getting the 'short' one for $4, but you can get the BIG BOY for just a buck more!

What's your favorite treat at the fair? Is there something that I just HAVE to try?

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