1340 The Fan's Weston Odom wants Dez Bryant gone. "You've seen the best of these guys and now you're seeing the worst of these guys," Odom said of Cowboys pass catchers Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.

"I'd be okay with it if he was still being a great teammate and a great leader, but he turned back into crybaby Dez," said Odom.

This attitude became apparent in the Seattle game as Dez Bryant threw a visible tantrum on the sideline, then got targeted on the ensuing possession, which he fumbled.

Odom finished his 'Dez Bryant should be gone speech' with: "He's not the athlete he used to be," which is true. He's not. Can he be productive, though? A dominant receiver that was top 5 just a few years ago when he earned his huge contract. "You're paying him to be a top 10 receiver, and I'm not sure he's a top 20 receiver," Odom said.

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