Last week an 18-year-old in Miami made news after she was arrested for possession of Xanax, and a video of her flipping off her judge hit the Internet.

Here's that video:

She got 30 days in jail for contempt. But on Friday, she was in court again in front of the same judge. And apparently a few days locked-up scared her straight, because she was WAY more respectful this time.

She actually cried while she apologized to him, and she admitted she was ON Xanax when it happened. The judge ended up dropping the contempt charge so she won't have a felony on her record.

And if she does rehab, they'll drop the drug charges too. You can see video of her apology below...

Her apology starts at 2:02, and she starts crying at 2:15. The judge drops the contempt charge at 6:42.

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