If there is one thing Texans can all agree on, yet debate so passionately, it is Barbecue.

God's Perfect Food.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
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It seems as if you can't drive more than 1000 feet, without having a fantastic barbecue option here in the Hub City, and now, the barbecue battle is getting even more intense. This time, with some heavy duty players in the mix.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

As United Supermarkets puts the finishing touches on their new location at 114th and Slide Road, driving past I could not help but notice that a VERY familiar and revered name in West Texas BBQ is part of this new project: Evie Mae's Pit Barbecue.

Once completed, this satellite location of Evie Mae's will also have a drive-thru option, under the banner of "Texas Takeout". This is not unlike what a competitor has been offering up for the past few months, just down the road.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

Under the "True Texas BBQ" banner, HEB has been serving up 'cue at 114th and Quaker since last year, and now has Evie Mae's literally just down 114th from them. Obviously, healthy competition is a good thing, but can South Lubbock handle these two supermarket giants slinging sauce at one another?

Hell. Yes.

I've eaten at both Evie Mae's and at HEB, and being able to bring home great barbecue no matter where I shop is a major plus. This is a perfect example of a situation where Lubbock wins on all counts. There is no such thing as having too much good barbecue, and having even more choices and healthy competition is a good thing for all of us.

No matter if you are Team United, or Team HEB...the Lubbock Barbecue Battle is on.


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