If I was ever forced to give a complaint about Evie Mae's Barbecue, it would be that there's only one. That local nightmare, however, is coming to an end though on June 30th.

The newest United Supermarkets store opens with an attached Evie Mae's BBQ.

Evie Mae's Barbecue took to social media today to explain what to expect at the new location.

The restaurant opening in the new United Supermarkets will be a full-fledged eatery, but there are some important things to note, like if you want to use an Evie Mae's gift card you'll still need to head to the Wolfforth location. If you're ordering catering, that will also be through the original Wolfforth location.

There will also be fewer menu items to start out at the newest location until things really get into full swing with the new smokers that were custom-built for the new location.

Read Evie Mae's entire announcement below:

On Wednesday, June 30th, our 2nd location at the new United will open at 114th and Slide in Lubbock.
Our area will be a small, counter service operation, similar in style to our Wolfforth location. We are starting off with a simple menu and fewer side/dessert options as our main location. We simply don’t have the space and want to “ease” into things with our staff and offer the best quality we can. Our motto has always been to serve quality over quantity. We’ve increased our capacity many times over the years and feel very confident with our amazing crew that we can offer a high quality, craft bbq experience, 7 days a week, even into dinner hours.
-We will be cooking onsite on smokers that we built, just like our original location.
-Cashiers will be United staff on their POS system. That means that Evie Mae’s gift cards will not be valid at the new location. We will work on a solution for that in the future.
-Our current and new staff will be working back and forth at both locations to keep an eye on quality and consistency.
-Large catering preorders will still be filled at our main location in Wolfforth for now. You can absolutely order large amounts of food at the counter at United during service hours!
This is completely new to us and to the folks with United. They have been wonderful and helpful and we’re excited to finally get this thing going!
As with anything that’s brand new, please be patient and kind. Our crew is exhausted but we’re excited to start this new location!
Thanks, y’all! See ya Wednesday at United OR in Wolfforth!

I don't know if I'll be able to brave the line on Wednesday, but if anything is worth it, it's Evie Mae's Barbecue.

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