Remember the video from March where a guy gave a homeless man a "winning" lottery ticket worth a thousand dollars...then the homeless guy tried to SHARE it with him?

After it went viral, people online donated over 44 GRAND to help him get back on his feet.  And the guy who made the video just posted a new one where he tells the guy about the donations.

Then he reveals he used part of the money to set the guy up in his own APARTMENT, and pay the rent for a year. He also bought him furniture, a TV, and basically everything else he might need.

When the guy finds out, he's so happy that he can't stop LAUGHING. It turns out he recently found a JOB too. And after paying for the apartment and everything else, he still has $21,000 in the bank.

He talks about the job at 2:58. Then they walk into the apartment at 3:47, and he finds out it's HIS apartment at 4:00.

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