Your local Lubbock public libraries have a lot of cool features they used to not have. There are some great reasons to visit one again soon.

I recently revisited my local library, Godeke, because I was looking to find a good book to read on the many flights I take during the year for my job. Also I'm poor and the library let's you get books free. But did you know they also have DVD's? And not just crappy movies from the 1960's or something either. They have current hit movies that were in theaters only a month or so ago. I've rented a bunch from them. And you can rent them absolutely free, and rent multiple movies at one time too.

And if that's not enough, when you go online and sign up on their website you can also download 3 free songs a week. Every week. Free! Music! Free music! 3 songs every week! that's pretty freakin' sweet! Click any of the links in this post to check out your local library yourself.

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