Here's the music video for Rebecca Black's "Friday":

Be forewarned: The new developments might make you feel bad for this girl, despite the fact that you curse her name every time "Friday" starts playing in your head on an endless loop.

First off, Rebecca is a 13-year-old eighth grader from California.  She and her mother, Georgina Kelly, gave an extensive interview to  Here's what you need to know:

As we'd heard, a company called Ark Music Factory was involved and as expected, they're more to blame for the "Friday" phenomenon than Rebecca is.

Rebecca and her mother purchased a $2,000 package from Ark Music Factory so that Rebecca could get some experience in the music business.  For that price, they gave her the song, produced a video and unleashed it on YouTube.

Rebecca says she was given the choice between two pre-written songs.  Yes, you heard that right.  Despite what you may have thought, "Friday" was written by an ADULT.

She says, quote, "I didn't write it at all.  The other song was about adult love…I haven't experienced that yet.  'Friday' is about hanging out with friends, having fun.  I felt like it was my personality in that song."

That being said, Rebecca WAS aware that the lyrics were ABYSMAL.  (That's reassuring. We had a 10-year-old girl listen to "Friday", and she couldn't believe how lame it was.)  But ultimately, she just went ahead with it.

Rebecca's mom says, quote, "A few times, when I heard some of the lyrics, I was like, 'That doesn't make sense.  Rebecca said, 'I sang it as they wrote it, Mom.'  So I didn't micromanage it."

So who did create this nonsense?  That would be Ark Music boss Clarence Jey, who co-wrote and produced it.  He also gave some comments in the interview, but he didn't explain his songwriting prowess.  Instead, he gave Rebecca some props.

He said, quote, "Funniest part of the whole thing is Rebecca Black is actually [an] amazing singer [with] a unique tone and a fantastic, fun person.  The concept we feel seems to have crossed a lot of boundaries, for the better or worse."

(If she had such an amazing voice, with "a unique tone," then why did you completely smother it with thick auto-tune.  You made her sound like a robot that couldn't sing.)