There have been early reports and sightings trickling in...the SHAMROCK SHAKE is back. I repeat: The Shamrock Shake is back.

You never know exactly how far before St. Patrick's Day McDonald's will start offering Shamrock Shakes. And this year, they're giving over a month of lead time.

Now, the shakes aren't available at every McDonald's yet.

Fortunately, there's help! A website called lets you search by your area and find where the nearest Shamrock Shakes have been spotted.

So go off and enjoy your vanilla milkshake that's dyed green and may or may not have the slight taste of mint.

(Huffington Post)


FYI: I did a search for Texas and they've only been spotted in Humble, Mesquite and Laredo. Keep checking though...they'll be in Lubbock soon enough!

Here's a classic Shamrock Shake commercial from the 70's: