I'm a firm believer in the thought there is a silver lining in every situation. No matter how dire or impossible the moment may seem, there is always some bright thing to grasp on to. Call me an optimist or naive all you want, but I still believe in the good of the world and those around us.

Last week I wrote about Ethan Chavez, who got hit in the face at the Lubbock Regional game between Texas Tech and Louisville.

After some tense moments and a very scary initial 10 minutes, it was found that there was no structural damage to Ethan's face, which is a silver lining in itself. But then the Lubbock community, and the two baseball teams involved, made sure Ethan was going to be fine.

Davis Martin checked on him in the training room. Countless people reached out on Facebook and Twitter. Louisville planned to send a care package. Tim Tadlock and Josh Jung even went by to check on Ethan this week at his house!

A house call from and an autographed ball from Coach Tadlock.

Then, on Saturday afternoon, in front of the largest crowd in Dan Law Field history, Ethan got a standing ovation when he took the game ball and lineup card to home plate with Tim Tadlock.

Ethan's dad, Eric, expressed his sentiments on Twitter: "Watching my little guy walk out to a standing ovation today left me speechless. Words can’t describe."

It was an all-time great moment for sure.

It's things like this that make me proud to be involved with Texas Tech and proud to be a Red Raider, even if I'm just a fraction of the community. It also reminds me to always look for the silver lining, even after life gives you a line-drive foul ball to the face.

Also, how great is that Tim Tadlock guy? Great coach, better man.

Texas Tech Baseball Regional vs Louisville
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