As if the past summer hadn't cemented 'The Simpsons' stranglehold on all reality, the past weekend saw the long-running FOX animated comedy taking over the Hollywood Bowl for a star-studded concert of Springfield's favorite musical numbers. Everyone from Conan O'Brien to Jon Lovitz showed up to belt out famous tunes, and we've compiled every cromulent number in one place just for you!

Most excitingly of all, former 'Simpsons' writer Conan O'Brien took the stage to introduce and perform the classic monorail song, which he himself had penned back in the show's early years. O'Brien also paid tribute to the song's original performer Phil Hartman, as would Jon Lovitz in singing a bit from "Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off!," along with several others.

That's not all of course, as Michael Jackson impersonator Kip Lennon drops by to perform "Lisa It's Your Birthday" (trivia buffs will remember that while Jackson gave uncredited voice to "Stark Raving Dad"s mental patient impersonator, Lennon provided the singing voice), and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles performs both "See My Vest" and The Stonecutters' "We Do." Plus, Hank Azaria, needing the Kwik-E-Mart!

You can check out the assembled collection of 'Simpsons' performance below, and tell us which classic Springfield tune was your favorite in the comments!

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