The "Six Million Dollar Man" may have been big stuff in the 1970s...but nowadays, a "bionic" man isn't so far-fetched. And he's also about ONE-SIXTH of the cost.

ABC News says it would only cost $922,000 to rebuild Steve Austin...the character played by Lee Majors on the classic series...using artificial body parts that people are actually using today.

That includes a "bionic" eye at $144,000...two "smart prosthetic legs" for $190,000, cochlear implants for $264,000, an artificial heart for $124,700 and two bionic hands for $200,000.

There's one thing they're not taking into account, though. The bionic parts Steve Austin had were more than just replacements for regular body parts. They made him a SUPERMAN.

They gave him inhuman strength, speed, sight and hearing...without which he never would have been able to take on Bigfoot! Bionic parts that could do that would probably cost BILLIONS in today's dollars.

Still, it is kind of amazing where science has taken us so far.

Anyway, enjoy a clip from that awesome 'Bigfoot' episode here! And here's the original opening to the show: