It's that time of year again. The kids are out of school and it's time for a little family vacation. But the economy is in the toilet and nobody can afford the cost of air travel. So, pile all those kids in the car, strap Aunt Edna to the luggage rack and hit the road! As always, Kool 98 has the soundtrack to your Griswold-style family road trip!

Here's my Top 5 of the very best songs for your travels:

5.) Canned Heat - "On the Road Again"

This group got their name from an old blues song called "Canned Heat Blues", the story of an alcoholic who turned to drinking Sterno in desperation. Sterno is sometimes referred to as "canned heat" since it's used to heat food with a flame from its top.

4.) Elvis Presley - "Viva Las Vegas"

One of the reasons he's "THE KING"! You can smell the smoke in the casino, feel the excitement of Sin City and taste the $2.99 sirloin buffet...all in one song!

3.) Johnny Cash - "I've Been Everywhere"

The "Man in Black" absolutely shines on this song. Cash is as America as America gets.

2.) Lindsay Buckingham - "Holiday Road"

I'm a HUGE fan of Fleetwood Mac. I'm also a big fan of their guitar player but, I have to admit, this is a terrible song. Why are there computer generated dogs barking in the background? Anyway, it's on the list because it was featured in "National Lampoon's: Vacation" and that's the ULTIMATE road trip flick.

1.) Arlo Guthrie - "City of New Orleans

The words of Arlo Guthrie and the tenor of his Dylan-esque voice make you feel like your riding the rails along side him for 4 1/2 straight minutes on this American classic.

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