Have you ever wondered what happened to Men Without Hats . . . the Canadian New Wave band that brought us "The Safety Dance"?  It's been 30 YEARS since we first got the gift of Men Without Hats.

Well, they have a new gift for us.

Men Without Hats has a new single called "This War".  They've been playing on tour for the past year.  (Tour?  How did I not hear about this?  Don't fail me now, Men Without Hats Google alert!)

The song is off their new album, "Love in the Age of War", which came out last month.  (New album?  Is anyone else having trouble with their Google alerts?)

The song is streaming at Spinner.com.  This would totally have been a hit in the '80s.  Unfortunately, this is 2012 . . . and it's lacking Auto-Tune, dub-step bass drops and a mid-song rap interlude.

Singer Ivan Doroschuk says, quote, "'This War' was the first new Men Without Hats song in 15 years . . . [it's] about the personal war that's going on inside each and every one of us all the time."

Relive the original 'Safety Dance' from the early days of MTV!

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