Terrible news to report today: Eduard Khil is fighting for his life after suffering a stroke.

Who is Eduard Khil, you ask? He's the TROLOLO GUY from YouTube!

If that doesn't help, he's a Russian entertainer who became a GLOBAL SENSATION a few years ago, when a video of him singing a bizarre, wordless song on a 1976 TV show hit YouTube.

The original upload has more than 12 MILLION views.

Khil was already well-known in Russia, but his popularity got a little jolt after the video went viral, and he was asked to appear on various shows in his home country.

Sadly, doctors say that even if he survives, Khil most likely suffered PERMANENT brain damage.

Let's all send positive vibes his way by adding views to that CLASSIC video:

By the way...despite his nickname, I don't think Khil says 'Trololo' a single time in this video.