After I read about an accident last week that injured an infant because they were riding in the lap of a teenager in the front seat, and after I personally saw a child in the lap of someone in the front seat of another car, I had to say something. Get a damn car seat for your kid!

I understand not everybody knows that there are places that will give you a free car seat for your child. That's why I'm writing this blog with multiple links to places that will give you a FREE car seat to keep your child safe. Sadly I know some people are just ignorant and won't get one because they're too lazy, or don't think they need one. But if this information helps just 1 family keep their kid from being injured or killed in an accident because they weren't in a safe seat, then I've done my best. Also if you know ANYBODY who let's their child ride around town in the front seat in someone's lap please slap the crap out of them and report them to the police. Its against the law, and kids are dying.

So click any of these links to find a cheap or free car seat for your child. PLEASE!

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