43-year-old Joe Berti of Austin has ZERO chance of winning the lottery...because he just used up a LIFETIME'S worth of luck this week.

On Monday, he ran the Boston Marathon for a charity that helps kids with rare disorders.  And he finished THIRTY SECONDS before the first bomb exploded.  The bomb missed him, but his wife was hit by a little shrapnel, although she wasn't hurt.

Then, he went back home and back to work.  And as he was driving home from a meeting on Wednesday, he drove RIGHT past that fertilizer plant outside of Waco, right after it exploded.

That's right...this guy just missed the explosions in Boston AND Texas.

Joe says, quote, "It's a miracle.  People keep saying, 'Don't you feel unlucky?' and I was actually the opposite, saying not only do I not feel unlucky, but I feel blessed that my wife could be 10 yards from the explosion and not have a scratch."

(Atlantic Wire)

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