Ever since Monday's bombing at the Boston Marathon, several Major League Baseball stadiums have been showing their support by playing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" leading into the bottom of the eighth inning.

If you didn't know, that's been a tradition during every game at Boston's Fenway Park since 2002.


Well, Neil's been Tweeting his thanks to several teams for doing it, including the Dodgers, the Marlins, the Cubs, the Braves, the A's and, believe it or not, even the Yankees.

To the Yankees, he said, quote, "Thank you NY Yankees for playing 'Sweet Caroline' for the people of Boston.  You scored a home run in my heart.  With respect, Neil.  #OneBoston"  (Here's his Twitter feed.)

Here's video of fans at various Major League parks paying tribute to Boston.  It's set to "Sweet Caroline", of course.  The clip also includes the theme from "Cheers", which was played at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

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