There are some daredevils out there who are always down for a spooky adventure. Almost everyone has a nosey side and enjoys snooping around abandoned places for fun. There is a place in Texas that allows you to roam through an abandoned zoo while you're hiking.

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There is nothing like enjoying a hike and also having easy access to roam through an abandoned zoo. Now, most hikes you normally go on don't give off creepy vibes like this hiking spot closer to Cisco, Texas.

The Old Zoo Nature Trails is where you can roam through the abandoned zoo from the 1920s. There are actually two hiking paths you can take while hiking the Old Zoo Nature Trails.

There are short and easy hiking paths for whatever path you feel most comfortable taking.

Props to you if you're down to check out a new hike that is outside of El Paso limits. Now if you feel you won't ever head out that way, then just click play on Exploring With Project Bad's YouTube video below.

Exploring with Project Bad gives you a quick tour of the abandoned zoo and the open land you can have all to yourself. Despite the creepy vibes the place gives off, it can also be rewarding as every other hike.

You get to enjoy the spectacular scenic views that are worth every minute of feeling creeped out. So if you could use some new scenery or heading out that way then try to check out that wild adventure.

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