I know there are a few people who are against the legalization of cannabis. Many of you have intelligent reasons to be against it. This guy does not.

In this video from NBC DFW, they interview a number of people on both sides of this issue. One man, known in the video as Corky, actually says what I believe to be the dumbest thing ever said by a person. Ever.

Watch the video or just read the transcript, which is posted at the bottom of the video. At one point, Corky asks that if we legalize cannabis, are we then going to have cops who carrying guns walking around high.

How stupid are you? Legalizing cannabis won't mean people are all of a sudden going to be high, 24/7. It won't make people smoke pot. Just like alcohol, there will be a ton of restrictions and laws regulating its use. You don't see cops driving around drunk on the job, do you? And alcohol has been legal for decades!

This is the kind of fear-mongering that is driving our country to hell. Make an intelligent argument with facts and reason, and I'll listen to you. Otherwise, shut the hell up because you're making more people stupid. Stupid is actually contagious!

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