I can't even really describe how wrong this list I saw on the internet this week is. I tried to put it into words, but the English language has failed me at how A&W is allegedly the greatest burger in America. Fast food or not, the facts are not in line with that conclusion.

This list originally came from TopAgency.com, but they couldn't be further from the top of the game when it comes to statistics and numbers. Here's the list in question:

A lot of things wrong here, including A&W just dominating middle America and Texas. A lot of states had issues with the list. Whataburger is a slam dunk in Texas, but New Jersey had the most legit beef. The state's best burger according to Top Data was Steak 'n Shake, at least according to the map provided.

There's a Steak 'n Shake in Pennsylvania. There's a Steak 'n Shake in Delaware. There are no Steak 'n Shake locations in New Jersey.

Now, in the actual "data" provided by the website, the number one joint in New Jersey is McDonald's. Red flag to not have a map reflect your data, but we'll continue.

Back to the state of Texas. There are 6 A&W locations in Texas, and I'd bet most of them are combo restaurants because they can't keep themselves afloat.

Look, I'm not a statistician, but I am a Texan and can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this top five list of burger chains in Texas is utter garbage. Whataburger isn't even in the top 5. I'm not a Whataburger truther, but this list is just incomplete without the orange-striped roof of Whataburger.

There are nearly 70 Five Guys locations in Texas and more than 300 Whataburger joints, but neither are on a top 5 list that was supposedly culled from GPS Data? That's what TOP Data is claiming on the study.

"To determine the favorite burger chains, TOP Data used a combination of GPS tracking data from the largest burger chains mixed with a survey of 1,000 Americans," the site claims.

Were they polling people in California what the best burger in New York was? Were Georgians speaking for Texans and Delawareans speaking for Washingtonians? What GPS data was pulled? Is there an A&W location next to an airport in Dallas or Houston that's just pulling major traffic?

None of the figures make sense. None of them. I'm ashamed and appalled and offended for all researchers and scientists in America that this poll has sullied the scientific method.

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