If you or someone you know falls for, or even likes, these internet "magic" videos please stop doing that now. You're making the internet dumber, and one guy rich.

Ok so I'm going to share this video which only makes more people watch it, and perpetuates the cycle. But I hope that when you see how dumb some of this stuff is, you'll skip it completely next time, and we can make life on the internet better.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't enjoy watching dumb stuff on the internet. That's almost all there is anymore. I'm just saying that this one guy in particular, is using your ignorance to get rich and I have a problem with that.

The guy's name is Rick Lax. He does the videos where he makes stupid people think he's somehow done magic through the internet, but all he is doing is hoping you're too stupid to notice how simple his "tricks" are, and get you to like and share his stuff so he gets rich.

In this video he wants you to pick a state and he's going to "magically" figure out which state you picked and prove it. He does this by figuring out the last letter of the state you picked. Now once you pick a state he asks you to hit the "LIKE" button to somehow "lock in your answer". This does nothing but get him millions of likes from stupid people. He makes you think its harder than it is because people automatically think there are 50 states so there are 50 choices and how could he know out of 50 choices? Well first of all there are only 11 letters total at the end of all the states names. Those letters are: A, S, O, E, T, I, Y, G, D, N, and H. Go ahead and look it up, I'll wait.

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, and less than half make up the last letter of every state in America. So when he shows all 26 letters on the screen, only a few of them are all red, all the letters that I listed above. He shows other letters as other colors so you think the choice must be so hard. Its not. Plus he initially gets it wrong to make you think you're so smart. Then he gets it right because he played you, and set it up for him to win ALMOST every time. But if you pick Wyoming, he forgot to make the letter G red, so there's one state he missed. Maybe on accident, maybe on purpose, who cares. Watch how dumb this is.

OK so now you know how stupid this is. So if you're a kid or want to show this to your kids, that's ok, But as a grown up please don't fall for stupidity like this. And no I'm not just jealous I didn't think of it first, I would never try to trick people with something this dumb. Maybe if he had a show like the old Mr. Wizard shows and he demonstrated why these tricks are so easy it would be better. But he's actually tricking some people, and I'm sad for civilization.

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