Some kid's lame video message to his girlfriend is a hit on YouTube right now. It's called 'My Video for Briona', and it's so awful it's almost too embarrassing to watch. First of all, the kid looks like 'Screech' from "Saved by the Bell".

But he's also got a creepy laugh, a creepy smile, and delivers an endless stream of cheesy lines to a girlfriend he calls 'baby girl'. Everything about it screams stalker. He also moves the camera and sways the whole time, it's really annoying.

He starts by telling her, "I love you more than there are grains of sand on every beach of every planet of every galaxy of the universe." And it gets worse from there.

But his best line might be, "You mean more to me than Home Depot means to Mr. Lotorado"...who I assume is their shop teacher.

The cheesiness really takes off around :17.

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