One popular way to kill/fill some time at home is to try and solve a puzzle. They come in all different sizes, shapes and number of pieces. They also come in different levels of difficulty - you know, some pictures are easier to put together than others. Some folks are so proud of their puzzle prowess that they will glue the puzzle down and hang it on the wall as a piece of art.

If I told you that Heinz was releasing a puzzle, you might assume it would be a picture of a ketchup bottle or bottles, right? Or maybe a plate of french fries with ketchup all over the place, or someone pouring ketchup onto a delicious looking burger. Those would make sense, and those would be kinda fun to work on. Those pictures would NOT make me want to pull my hair out or bang my head against the wall - they wouldn't make my eyes cross. The puzzle that Heinz is releasing probably WILL make those things happen though.

In a genius marketing move, Heinz is releasing what could be the most difficult, most time-consuming puzzle in history. Not because of the number of pieces, but because of the picture, or lack thereof. The 570-piece (because of Heinz 57) puzzle is a plain red rectangle - no lines, no different shades - just red, red and more red.

Are you brave enough to tackle this monster? See the video below to find out how you could win one of 57 free puzzles.

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