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Everyone has a different way of figuring out whether or not they’ll get along with someone. Whether it’s by the first impression, mutual friends, or maybe your zodiac sign, there are many different ways someone might judge you.  

I’m big on not judging someone until you really get to know them, but sometimes there are significant signs that’ll let you know if you want to invest more of your time in getting to know them. I recently discovered a big one that I wasn’t aware of until now, and I need to enlighten you as well. 

Have you ever paid attention to how someone eats? Specifically, at what point they stop eating a chicken wing. When you think about it, the way someone eats a chicken wing can tell you a lot about a person. TikToker @feleciaforthewin posted a video sharing her opinion about the five different ways you can finish a chicken wing, and I agree with her reasoning about what each result means.  

For your five levels, you have the one-biter, two-biter, just the meat, finishing the skin, and cleaning the bone. Each level has a very specific type of person attached to it, but none of them are necessarily good or bad. I know a a number three, a few fives, and a four, and I think they are all great people.

You can absolutely come up with your own conclusions about each type of person, but if you want to know the version I agree with, keep scrolling and watch these videos.  

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